Websites, Design, Illustration, and Interactive Animation

Animuse Animations

From 1988 - 1990, I contracted as an independent artist with Mike Jones Film to work on over 25 animated TV commercials using techniques such as cel, motion-control, rotoscope, collage, and digital animation. Animation, tweening, character development, and storyboards were among my duties. In 1991, I worked with Reelworks Animation as an independent to create several more regional and national TV commercials. Since 1992, I've been using a variety of software platforms to create animations for CD-ROM and Internet sites, from GIF and Flash, to JavaScript and HTML5.


Since 1992, my design work has become interactive as I have worked on several interactive CD-ROMs and many web sites. I began learning web coding BEFORE web layout programs were developed, and actively learn the latest programming technologies. Currently, JavaScript Interactives and HTML5/CSS3 animations are my passions.